Our Mission

Meet the Founders

The #AskYourNeighbor Project was founded to encourage community members to help those in need by donating the excess fruits and vegetables that are grown on their properties. All of the produce we collect is re-distributed at no cost to other non-profit organizations that provide meals and groceries to residents in need.  By giving away the produce we collect, the #AskYourNeighbor Project is helping other organizations provide nutritionally balanced meals to the individuals that they serve.

Why Get Involved?

Without the participation from residents like you, the AYN Project would not exist.  It is only through the generosity of the community, whether it be the donation of produce, time, or money, that the Neighborhood Collection#AskYourNeighbor Project is able to make a difference. Each of us can be a leader in our communities and by joining #AskYourNeighbor you have the opportunity to step up and make a difference.

Who Are We Helping?

The #AskYourNeighbor Project does not single out any particular faction of our community. We are focused on helping as many people as possible, from the single mother on a budget to the children in after school programs who have never tasted organic fruits or vegetables. In essence, we are reforming the way we treat each other and re-inventing the concept that giving to an organization is about much more than helping faceless individuals but instead helping the people who live in our immediate communities.