The Team

The #AskYourNeighbor Project was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who have sought to create an organization that will make a difference in their surrounding communities. Together they’ve formed a unique organization that is centered around being truly charitable.

The goal of the AYN Project is not only to provide free organic produce but also, to revive the belief that if we each give back to our community we all have the opportunity to grow as individuals.

I’m Blake Carter, Founder and CEO

Hello there,

I grew up in Santa Fe Springs and Whittier California. I have always been interested in getting involved in my community and finding new ways to do it. My insatiable thirst for helping others extends from my volunteer work as a little league baseball coach to the years I spent lifeguarding. Despite these efforts, I always wanted something more for myself and my community.

I started #AskYourNeighbor because I have always enjoyed the oranges in my backyard, more than anywhere else, because I’ve had access to these oranges since I was very young. To me there is no alternative to fresh organic produce. These oranges, although accessible to me, where not mine. They where my neighbors oranges that just so happened to grow over our property line and into our back yard. When I was really young I would pick them and always questioned my actions, ‘should I be doing this?’. I started this organization not only based on my memory of the taste of those oranges and wanting to share that with others, but more so because of the amount of fruit that goes to waste every season if I didn’t help them pick them. I have always been a firm believer in the little things that make society a better place. If your friends or family is in trouble, you rally behind them and lift them up. This organization gives me the opportunity to facilitate that positive mentality and tangibly lift up my community members.

I’m Christina, founder and Vice President

“The world as we have created it is a product of our thinking; It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

Hello Neighbor,

I grew up in Santa Fe Springs, CA and have always considered myself an average citizen. I completed my B.A. in Business at California State Fullerton and like any person my age I have been chasing the “American Dream” ever since. After working in steady 9-5 jobs and attempting to create my own business, I realized that my motivation had to be more than just making money. The missing element, I have since discovered, is the social benefit factor. I needed to find a career that not only provided stability, that I enjoyed doing, but most importantly that benefited those around me. By joining the #AskYourNeighbor Project I have been able to apply my skill set and my reward is not the monetary compensation, rather, it is the uplifting thought that everyday I have a hand in providing the people around me with a means to acquire fresh organic produce. Although it sounds minuscule, the impact a small change such as fresh fruits and vegetables can have a on a persons quality of life is dramatic. Since I have become a member of the #AYN Project my only focus in life is to ensure that everyone in my community lives a healthy, happy lifestyle. I truly believe that change starts with our actions as individuals to improve not only our lives but the lives of those around us. Please share this vision with us and become the change you wish to see in this world.

I’m Skyler Yardley, Operations Assistant

“Purpose is found when you stop thinking about how you exist in the world and start trying to figure out why you are here” -Adam Braun.

One of my callings in life is to live above myself and give back to the community, so I joined #AskYourNeighbor for the soul purpose of giving back to the neighborhoods I grew up in. I never had the privilege of living in one place for a long period of time, so I always had new neighbors. This experience taught me that some people have it much worse than others, and it molded me into compassionate individual. I have always been an avid supporter of organic produce, and I believe everyone should have access to it. It’s never too late to chase a dream or change the world.